Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Time to celebrate

It is official, the past couple of weeks have been the basis of celebration for me and my family. Think new jobs and wedding bells. Obviously the latter I am most excited about. It's my time to be a bridesmaid for my sister! We cannot stop looking at dresses, flowers and beautiful decor. For me this is the most exciting part!  Due to all the celebrations, there was only one thing for it... Champers (pink of course)!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Summer blues

Embroidered Skirt from Warehouse.
Although the blues are seen as being down, the colour blue has really grown on me this summer and cheered me up no end. Think the sky, the sea, the Tiffany's packaging. Blue is the colour of summer. I don't know whether I have only just grown out of the blues for boys, pinks for girls phase (which most grow out of when they're 10) but I just cannot get enough of it. Writing this post it has come to my attention that my laptop, camera, jewellery and bedroom are all shades of this colour. Coincidence, I think not!
 Happy Sunning x

Monday, 17 June 2013

Summer loving

 So today has been a stupendously relaxing and calming day. Waking up to the sun beaming through my window I felt motivated and truely inspired to finally get this blog up to date! My personal style and likes are pure girlyness (If that was ever a word). Think tea cups, cake and foral prints. Nothing is too feminine. This being said, today I began by looking through a book that I have never thought to read. ' A year in a Victorian Garden'- Henry A. Bright. This book contains the most beutiful and delightful illustrations by Christine Hart-Davies that portray Victorian flowers. To my suprise, I found the brush strokes and shading dainty and elegent and highly inspirational. Reading this book got me out into the garden, planting flowers and taking in the great British summer.
Here are a few images from my day. Spot the obvious floral and nature theme!

Shorts inspired by my time spent in the garden! Bought last summer from Primark.