Monday, 24 November 2014

It's that time...


Although it may be slightly early to say it...I am in the Christmas spirit! After another glorious trip to Oxford street with my mum, I was immersed in bright lights, festive windows, smiling faces and pure Christmas 'ness'. The lights as usual were bright and beautiful, but it really was the Departments store windows that excited me.

Selfridges did not disappoint. With a modern take on fables and fairy tales, nothing was too extravagant. Neon birds nests, a giant golden goose and Rapunzel with multi-coloured hair. These windows really had a story to tell and it was a pleasure to stand and read the captions under each window. In a street that is usually bustling with people pushing and shoving, outside Selfridges was like being transported into a book. People stood and stared, mesmerized by the pure creativity.

As well as Selfridges, M&S really pushed the boat out. I am a lover of their fairies advert, and the store window continued this concept. The use of electronic screens created a three dimensional effect, with a fairy ready for takeoff, a sense of amusement was created. And I cant forget the cute mini fairies along side the full sized mannequins...So cute!

John Lewis cannot be forgotten. After the success of their heartwarming Monty the penguin advert, this was carried on in their windows. Think penguins taking on human roles. There was: The cooking penguin, the group of penguins in a hurry wearing satchels, The naughty penguin with knickers on its head and also the penguins partying with the very well dressed humans!

From looking at all of these displays, It is clear that consistency and storytelling are key... Everyone loves to be taken back to their youth! If any of you have time, definitely get down to London!

Hope you are all well, Gemma xx

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Window window windows...

Hello everyone, 

As you all probably know by now I love a good window display. There is just something so magical about the story they tell, the emotions they bring out and the excitement that they create. After university I would adore to work within this industry and help to tell some of these stories. However, for the mean time getting loads of snaps will keep me happy!

Whilst in Southampton I came across this M&S display, it really got me into the sparkly Christmas spirit.  I think this is the most exciting time of year for Window displays and brightens up the highstreet.  As well as this, I feel Next never disappoint. Their cosy, glamorous winter feel really makes the garments pop.  I hope you all enjoy my snaps as much as I do!
Hope you are all well J