Wednesday, 26 February 2014

London loving

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting the Isabella Blow exhibition at Somerset House. It was absolutely fabulous, perfectly fitting for such an icon in the fashion world. Full of quirky garments and wonderful unique mannequins made by Shona Heath, the exhibition really made me think about the fashion industry and inspired me greatly. In Somerset house we stumbled across a wonderful fitting made of fish  in the centre of the winding stairs.   It was beautiful. However we were more concerned with the fact we were locked in Somerset house as we were in there too late! Don’t worry...we did find a way out.

Whilst in London it would have been rude to not visit the V an A museum... and Covent Garden! A girl needs cake and that is the best place for it. I really do find London really inspirational. From the tall intimidating buildings to the wonderful characters on the street.  Nothing can beat it.

Hope you have all had a good few weeks being fabulous.  Here are a couple of snaps, enjoy.

Gemma xxx


  1. beautiful impressions!
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