Thursday, 3 April 2014

Vintage heaven

This weekend I visited the most amazing vintage attic in Salisbury. I didn’t even know places like this existed...It was pure heaven (vintage heaven that is). Walking up some metal stares into a small room, I had no idea of how huge and amazing this place would be. It was FULL and I mean jam- packed with vintage goodies on separate independent stalls. From home accessories, to shabby chic inspired furniture. Vintage clothing that provided hours of amusing hat trying on! It was fabulous.

I was truly spoilt to an amazing vintage white bag, covered in amazing beads. It is so delicate and feminine. I must say, it was a wonderful day J

Hope you are all well,

Gemma xxx


  1. It looks so pretty! Vintage shops are my favourites by miles.
    I love your title by the way, its so cute!

    Martha x

  2. This looks and sounds like a place I would love! I'm a huge fan of vintage things, especially clothes! I'm glad you had a lovely trip out at the vintage attic.